Rainmaker Coaching

Clients & Feedback

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes.  Here is what some have recently said:

“Fran is like a lightning bolt, she quickly identifies the issues, engages the team, is brutally honest and everyone leaves energized!" -- Executive Director, Nationally Recognized Wyoming Non-profit Organization

"I wanted to also add my thanks for working with us.   Coming into this as a slight skeptic I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw as the “hard” results.   The conversations I had [with my colleagues] on the way home were insightful on the impact of the retreat.  I was pleased that it had a positive impact.   The real test will be in how well we can implement our action items.  But I feel that we would not have gotten as far or developed the plan as quickly had we tried to do it on our own.  In short I am a convert.”  -- Business Owner, Wyoming Corporation

“I have found Fran to be professional, knowledgeable, and skillful in her services. That's expected. What stands out is how Fran goes above and beyond. The insight Fran is able to provide is amazing. She's able to gather information about a situation or a knotted work relationship and laser in on the core of the problem.  She targets driving forces causing the problems and works toward solving the underlying issues rather than offering band-aid solutions.  I've gained an incredible amount of insight into how I can resolve conflict and work effectively to create win-win situations. Her ability to frame issues and provide clear, solution-oriented language to enhance communication has also greatly benefitted me. With other people, I've had this sense that once our contract was over, they were done.  Fran continues to inquire about how our organization is doing and offer guidance and ideas.  I feel like we received so much more than what we signed up for and this is significant reason why I will go to Fran again and again, as well as recommend her to others.“  -- Executive Director, Jackson Hole Non-Profit Organization

Here are some of the cool organizations and collaborations with whom we have worked:

Alces Technology, City of Victory, ID, Coconino National Forest, Colorado National Monument, Communities Mobilizing Against Underage Drinking, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Climb Wyoming, Community Resource Center, Glacier National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center, Laurie Waterhouse Interiors, Lower Valley Energy, Montezuma National Monument, National Park Service (GOAL Academy & Regional Office), Pierson Land Works, SAGE West Collaborative, Teton County System of Care,Teton County System of Education, Teton County Treasurer's Office, Teton Literacy Center, The Liquor Store, US Forest Service, WY Division of Public Health, Wyoming Small Business Development Center, Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center, Yosemite National Park

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