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“Hitting Your Stride:” Enhancing Workplace Capabilities through Personal Understanding

This interactive workshop links personal and team insights awakened through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with the practical needs of work, teamwork and leadership. Individual and team preferences are aligned with workplace opportunities, challenges and goals to help optimize individual and collective performance.

You will leave with:

  • Increased understanding of the workings of human behavior (yours and others)
  • Insights on individual and collective strengths-- building blocks for achieving top performance
  • An expanded ability to speak another’s language, thereby enhancing inter-personal effectiveness
  • Greater ability to capitalize on diversity
  • Increased awareness of individual and collective blind-spots that can slow individual and collective achievement 


Rest assured:

  • You will learn some things and have some fun.
  • Using the MBTI instrument, you will clarify your own preferences and best-fit type. You remain the expert on you.
  • Your results will remain confidential unless you chose to release them.
  • If you prefer, you may opt-out of completing the MBTI preference assessment.


Strategic Planning & Training based in Systems Thinking from the Haines Centre for Strategic Management*

If your organization’s strategic plan is on the top shelf collecting dust, then learning this strategic management process is for you. This systems thinking strategic structure clarifies and simples your thinking enabling you to build alignment and achieve your organizational (or personal) goals.    The process is rooted in 5 simple questions.  No more lost momentum wrestling with definitions like, “How are goals different than objectives?”  The 1-page plan summary facilitates easy access and repeated reference.  Finally, your strategic plan works like your compass. 

Since adults learn best by doing, please plan on a highly interactive experience.  In order to maximize our impact and cement your learning, please come prepared with specific organizational needs that can be addressed by the group.

Full-training:  5 days (This training may be broken into segments to accommodate budgets and schedules). 

*RainMaker Coaching Principal, Frances VanHouten, holds Gold Mastery Certification in Strategic and Systems Thinking from the Haines Centre for Strategic Management in Collaboration with the University of San Diego

 Cracking the Code: Practical Insights to Working with People

This workshop is centered upon the work of Dr. Anthony Alessandra and the "Platinum Rule®." It introduces 4 behavioral styles, which are easy to identify and understand. The program is available in both a half-day and a full-day format. It can easily be adapted to a keynote format.

Benefits Include:

  • Participants gain insight into how their personal style impacts others enabling them to adapt as needed
  • “Clicking” with other people can happen more readily
  • Common-sense (and humorous) delivery makes the content easy to understand and hard to forget
  • Insights gained are useful in all areas of life.

Topics Include:

  • Discussion of openness and directness
  • Overview of the 4 behavioral styles
  • Discussion of behavioral differences
  • Practice identifying styles
  • Sources of conflict & tips on adapting
  • Coaching opportunities
  • Action planning

Ah Ha! Putting Creativity to Work

Workplace creativity is revealed in many forms: an improved product or process; increased organizational adaptability; elegant problem-solving; or simply a catchier catch-phrase. This class is designed for leaders who want to inspire more “out-of-the-box” thinking. The content is grounded in the work of creativity coaches Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan; creativity scholars Howard Gardiner and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi; and social psychologists Chris Argyris, Peter Senge and Karl Weick. The program is available in both a half-day and a full-day format. It can easily be adapted to a key-note address.

Navigating the Generational Divide

This engaging workshop explores one of the salient workplace issues today: How can four generations get along?

The program is available in both a half-day and a full-day format. It can easily be adapted to a key-note address.

Taking the Mystery Out of Workplace Conflict

Designed for workplace leaders including supervisors, managers and executives, this class will explore the patterns and impacts/benefits of workplace conflict (Yes, there are benefits!). Drawing from practical experience, and the work of internationally renowned conflict and management science scholars, this interactive class will build a foundation of understanding that is sure to increase your confidence and skill in navigating these turbulent waters. You’ll leave with practical insights that can be applied right away.

"Money never starts an idea; it is the idea that starts the money."
—W. J. Cameron


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